Lake Levico is one of the largest bathing lakes in Trentino. And together with Lake Caldonazzo is one of the most beautiful and warmest lakes in southern Europe.

Forested paths and calm, teal waters — Lake Levico could almost play the part of tranquil Nordic fjord. The lake area is approx. 1 km² and the deepest point of the lake is 38 meters deep. Its crystal clear water and its green lawns are now very famous as oases of relaxation.

You can take a wonderful walk under the shady trees on the lake shore and find shelter from the heat of the sun. This is why the so-called Via dei Pescatori (Fisherman's Path), which winds its way 1.4 miles around the lake, is very popular.

Nature conservation and environmentally conscious management!

Thanks to the environmentally conscious management by the municipality of Levico Terme, the lake was again awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in 2015.

Lake Levico was named after the nearby town, namely the old historical town of Levico Terme, which is located on the eastern part of the lake with two bathing facilities and a free beach.

Not only bathing fans and sun worshipers are at home at the Levicosee: the lake is also a real paradise for fishing fans. The conditions here are particularly favorable for many types of fish, especially trout.

On the southern part of the lake you can visit the "Canneto di Levico" biotope, a quiet reed area where the typical lake vegetation is preserved.


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